D’Lanier Indonesian Coffee & Chocolate Collections – 5 x 30 gr

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A fusion of Indonesian Coffee & Cacao single origin beans, sourced from different regions of Indonesia for its known characteristics and profile.

Each coffee beans origin has been roasted specifically based on their serving suggestions. It is then blended with our Chocolate with Berau & Sumba origin Cacao beans, to replicate the taste profile of each coffee servings. Thus, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime.

– Espresso (Dark Chocolate 80% Blended with Medium Roast Flores Bajawa Coffee Beans) – 30 gr
– Americano (Dark Chocolate 69% Blended with Medium Roast Bali Kintamani Coffee Beans) – 30 gr
– Macchiato (Milk Chocolate 55% Blended with Medium Roast Java Preanger Coffee Beans) – 30 gr
– Cappuccino (Light Milk Chocolate 50% Blended with Medium Roast Sulawesi Toraja Coffee Beans) – 30 gr
– Cafe Latte (Milk Chocolate 41% Blended with Medium Roast Aceh Atu Lintang Coffee Beans) – 30 gr

Berat: 5×30 gr

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